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Media Training Courses in London

About our open media training courses:

Do you know how to prepare and deliver effective TV and radio interviews?  Are you missing opportunities to promote your business or organisation to large audiences because your nerves and lack of confidence about handling the media are holding you back?  Are you confident that if you give a broadcast interview you will always get your points across?

We can help you to realise your potential and be an effective spokesperson in our intensive one-day open courses with expert briefings, interview practice ‘as for real’ and expert analysis.  We only run seven of these exceptionally successful courses a year so don’t miss this opportunity.  

We organise open courses where people from varying backgrounds do a course together.  There are starter and advanced open course options. Each course will be filled with participants from different organisations. Both of these courses are regularly held as open courses but can be arranged specifically for one organisation or individual.

The courses are run by TV News London’s Managing Director and expert media trainer, Roz Morris, who has had a long career as a journalist, broadcaster and media trainer. Roz has worked as a reporter and presenter for BBC TV and radio, ITV, and RTE, as well as a writer and correspondent for The Guardian, The Observer, The Northern Echo and The Evening Standard. She is currently a blogger on media issues for The Huffington Post UK.




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Essential Starter Media Training

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